Selfie Stories in Goa, India

Cosmos Holiday’s is currently embracing the worldwide selfie phenomenon and running what could shape up to be another viral marketing extravaganza which offers participants the chance to win a holiday and star in their own movie.

It’s simple to enter – all you have to do is upload a picture, use the hastag #SelfieStories and tell them why you’re deserving. My entry was taken at Lovebox:


And if win and could go anywhere….?

Well, in the spirit of a film-worthy campaign, blended with the character of Cosmos Destinations, I think I’d probably fly to Goa, India. My whirlwind trip could be like a Bollywood movie, you all know I’d look fabulous in a pink sari. I’d soak up the glorious sunshine in the land of luscious beaches and biodiversity, and let my pasty English winter skin melt right off my back.

Get body swirlingly, foot stampingly festive in the tourist hotspots by the beach, taking in a kaleidoscope of colour and sounds and smells. Then when my sensory system reaches maximum capacity…


A slow retreat dipping back into the spiritual hippy days of India where it was a sought after destination for the alternative, a spiritual awakening for the body and mind, a place to overcome your own kryptonite’s. I’d adopt a weekend of downward dogs and the words of ancient Sanskrit and meditate myself back into pre-party health.

Nurturing the Soul

This is textbook India to me, and I wont be told otherwise until I’m there discovering it for myself. So until then, I shall continue to get my #SelfieStories ingrained in the world wide web and cross my fingers!

[This post was sponsored by iProspect on behalf of Cosmos Holidays. All views are my own.]

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