Country Bumpkins Come to Town

If there’s one thing I really commend London for, it’s the fact that every weekend there’s brilliant activities dotted all around the city. Never can you be bored in such a vibrant city, and never can you complain of dullness.

But once in a while you get even luckier, and around the corner from your house, a stones throw in fact (if you’re a champion shot-putter) is an annual ‘festival’ that you can walk to and from with as much as you can carry. Want a blanket? Take it! Want numerous bottles of wine? Take ‘em! Wanna sneak in all your friends? Don’t have to. It’s free!

The Lambeth Country show embodies the spirit of country bumpkins in the big smoke, filling Brockwell park with a wide variety of music and entertainment, and an even wider variety of farm animals.

It’s every little kids dream, and even us big kids enjoyed it too. The little children can be kept busy petting bunnies and lambies; whizzing through the air on fair rides; getting scammed by carnival folk on the ball tosses; and filling their cheeky little faces with fairy floss. Meanwhile the big kids can grab a delicious organic cider (on tap) and dance the afternoon away at the main stage. Even New Zealand’s most favourite home grown drum & bass act Shapeshifter made an appearance.

TimeOut London’s Weird and Wonderful Mentionables: Horse Jousting, Owl Displays, Hula Hooping, Camel Racing, and Vegetable Carving!

It’s a shame that a downpour of truly biblical proportions managed to cut the day short for everyone – and there was no hiding from this. It looked as though 10,000 people had just been pushed in the pool. Regardless of this, everyone remained in sunny spirits.

Here’s the 2013 highlights to give you a feel for the event.

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One thought on “Country Bumpkins Come to Town

  1. opbe on said:

    Has that llama got a sheepskin rug on it’s back or has it been shorn that way?! I want one.

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