Getting High in The Forest

The fog is low and thick, turning the horizon into one constant wall of grey. The world drops off in front of you like you’re standing on the edge of the earth, and the grey lake and sky become seamless. One indistinguishable join.

The swans on the lake are black specks surrounded by this sea of grey, and swimming or flying, they’d appear the same. Suspended.

Moving through this perfect dawn stillness, you transition into the deep green of native New Zealand bush to an orchestra of bird song. I take a deep breath and breathe in this wondrous moment; stepping into a scene as perfect as the day the early humans found it.

And to top off the perfection, I stand waiting to fly through the canopies on a zip line tour, high amongst the ancient native trees in 500 hectares of forest.

A high energy, high-adrenaline adventure tour that starkly contrasts the peaceful surroundings. Yet – an adventure activity that has minimal environmental impact, and is silent besides my warbling screams that match the birds around me. I must say however, I’m more like a parrot than a native fantail.

These Canopy Tours are ranked the number 1 activity of 654 in the North Island on TripAdvisor and I’m not one to debate this.

When you’re 30 metres up with some enthusiastic and quick witted guides, and a giggly friend you’ve barely seen in years, what’s not to smile about?

And just for an embarrassing video selfie…

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7 thoughts on “Getting High in The Forest

  1. This looks amazingly fun! I did something similar when I was travelling in Mexico and Guatemala. I’d love to do it again.

  2. Looks like quite an experience 🙂

  3. opbe on said:

    Nice blog. Would like to have heard you scream a bit more 🙂

  4. This looked like so much fun! I’ve done this in Thailand, but didn’t even know you could do it back home. Love this post x

    • Yeah there’s quite a few in NZ actually. Adrenaline Forest in Porirua is also well worth the visit. It’s like this one, except includes an obstacle course through the canopy that is super challenging. Ups the anti haha.

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