The New Forest: It’s Fit for a King

The last thing I expected to see as we descended upon the New Forest was a vast coastline that sparkled like a silver moon in the nighttime. Catching my eye like a mirror caught in the sun, we set upon her to breathe in her salty kisses and be revived from the sluggish city smog.

The tide was low and the afternoon sun slowly baked the deep green sea lettuce – a smell that distinctly reminded me of home. A smell that doggedly sticks with you, not unpleasant, but not something you would consider a refreshing smell of the seaside. I found it rudely enjoyable.

The sand that glides between your toes and squeaks underfoot with it’s fine constitution was long forgotten, and years of wild coastlines, biting winds and pounding seas have ground and molded the coastal rock into the smoothest stones, soft to the touch and yellow like the clays of the Mediterranean.

A castle sits at the end of the spit, a fortress guarding an ancient entrance to the harbour. However, it’s now sheepishly left guarding the million of dollars of reflective fiberglass and majestic sails of the local marina: a playground for salty sea dogs and Armani wearing city-folk alike.

Milford-on-sea is a costal area that is mirroring no other, and where else can you enjoy this salty freshness, while standing back to back with a forest that used to be the private hunting grounds of William the Conqueror?! Still, 1000 years later it’s holds the mystery of the kings landscape, and there are many secrets to discover.

It is a wild and lively environment that is truly ruled by wild horses and ponies. They roam freely, keeping the natural habitat in order, strolling among endless fields of bluebells, and (not so) occasionally cruising past the local pubs to stare at funny pint-drinking animals.

It is a landscape that you just want to drink in; all the sights, the smells the sounds, the running brooks and chatting birds – and the only way you can do this is to get out there and explore it. The New Forest offers the ideal landscape to loose yourself in the woodlands and picnic until your hearts content. And that is what we did.


The New Forest is the ideal location for anybody, young or old, able bodied or not. It offers activities and attractions all can enjoy, and everybody is cherry and smiling, united in their common enthusiasm for the outdoors. It’s popular with horse riders, mountain bikers, orienteers and serial picnickers. For further information check out the the New Forest website.

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