Happy Days & Haunted Nights

If you want to enjoy a day out in London for all the senses, one that takes you for a journey across the emotional spectrum, and all for fewer than 20 pounds (and that’s if you eat), then feel free to trace in the footsteps of a day in my life.

Nothing caresses the lingering neediness of a Saturday morning hangover like a trip to Borough markets. The clouds of swirling deliciousness from multiple cookers, and the sight of mountains of breads, cheeses, and chocolates will soon let you forget the woes of your Friday night rendezvous with the notorious British ales.

Ingest yourself some liquid goodness from the smoothie stands, wrap your lips around a pork and plum wrap, and grab a few snacks for later in the weekend (which will no doubt mysteriously disappear before you make it home).

Borough market is London’s most renowned food market and a haven for foodies and fatties alike. It’s a true leveler as every wandering mind present is united in a true love for the simply delicious. Talking to the traders and hearing the stories behind your food is all part of the fun too. I, for one, was unsure what a ‘biodynamic egg’ was until this day.

Then in the evening once you’re full of the weekly harvest, go and scare yourself s$%^less (well not quite) on one of “Best LDN Walks ” Haunted London Tours. Behind these brick lanes, and under the consistent cloak of grey sky that is London is an even darker underbelly that makes you truly wonder how this past history really existed.

Did people really get away with burying hundreds of bodies under floorboards and breaking them down with lime? Did the streets really run black with butt-mud and bath water? But the revelation of all is the folk tale of “Scratchy Fanny Who Lived on Cock Lane” – trust me it’s a ‘true’ story’ about the spirit of one Miss Fanny that came back to do some haunting.

Best LDN Walks are the newest and hottest walking tours to hit the capital and are hosted by a charismatic retro-esque young guide Charlotte, that has the energy of 100 men. I promise these tours will be quirkier and far less mainstream that your average city walking tours – and they stray from the usual sites you could cover on your own. They embody the real stories, spirits, people and places that truly make London the diverse and cultural city it is today.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Days & Haunted Nights

  1. Fabulous photos with great colours!!!

  2. Sue Rehutai on said:

    Once again Ocean your blog is full of amazing descriptions of your adventures with whom I am sure a lot of people would enjoy reading.

  3. aroundtheworldin80pairsofshoes on said:

    Beautiful photos and you have got me all excited about Borough Market – haven’t been there for years! Love the walking tours that are on offer in London, I’m so fascinated by the history in London – anything quirky and I’m there! xx

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