The Treasure Trove of Shoreditch

Shoreditch – a place where art is literally crawling up the walls of the streets and London Fashion Week photographers snap pictures of locals in the street because they just ooze style. A hive of activity is around you as people weave in and out of back alleyways, hidden markets and food stands like bees at work in the summer. The air hums with the sounds of buskers and beat boxers and you can’t help but keep on moving for the masses that push you in every which direction.


Brick Lane is home to London’s hidden treasures and an abundance of ethnic food. Once associated with poor slums, pointless bric-a-brac and the Jack the Ripper murders, it is now an iconic attraction in London that’s buzzy, loud, and an absolute must see. The streets [which are home to the Bangladeshi community] are lined with curry houses all hawking a deal slightly cheaper (and scarier) than the next and there are food stalls galore throughout the entire neigbourhood.

The locals are edgy and high fashion [You may even spot an idiot in a lamborghini trying to cruise the busiest street in London], and this is the place to go if you want to buy unique handmade items and retro furniture. Being home to London’s alternative and artistic crowd means you could loose yourself for an entire day just searching for backstreet masterpieces. Even the famous and notorious Banksy has works hidden in the depths of shoreditch.

Colombia Road Flower Market is also in the area and is only open on Sundays 8am – 3pm. Weather is no deterrent for these street selling veterans and they’ll be here come rain wind or shine.  They turn the traditional English streets into an oasis of foliage and floral dreams, and it would be a grandma’s absolute heaven with lilies and pansies to die for. The air is floral fresh all around you and you can’t help but get carried away into the fresh scented frenzy. I scored a winner with a bunch of beautiful tulips for two pounds. The market is also famous for it’s 3 for 5 pound deal. Who wouldn’t want this seasonal fresh goodness on their coffee table?

The district of Shoreditch is an incredible and diverse day out for all interests and ages. Catch the tube to Old Street or a bus to “Shoreditch”, check out the art, enjoy a beer in the sun and soak up the festive vibe. Let me know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “The Treasure Trove of Shoreditch

  1. I hope I can visit here! It sounds fabulous. Only eight weeks and I’ll be checking that your blogs are as they seem. Can’t wait!

  2. ❤ Shoreditch! It's one of my favorite areas of London. Love your photos of the street art there Ocean!

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