Fox Club Crawl: Review

Fox Club Crawl

‘Club Crawls’ and ‘Pub Crawls’ really do differ in their target audience and evening experience, which was not something I had anticipated when embarking on another evening out reviewing crawls for The Pub Crawl Pages App – [The only definitive pub-crawl directory that lets you locate a pub-crawl in any city/country you’re visiting and book through the app.]

But alas – they do. Pub Crawls = your typical English lads, enthusiastic about football and out to bag a few felines; broke and extremely loud American backpackers; and groups of giggling girls out to have a laugh and mingle with their fellow hostel community.

Club crawls = Serious ravers from different European nations chewing their faces off on illicit substances and getting banished from numerous venues around the city; EXTREMELY young girls (borderline legal) with t-shirts for dresses and 6 inch heels; and myself and Jamie – two extremely out of place and almost-too-old expats who are realizing the reality of being in our mid 20’s.

If you’re into this kind of thing however then this club crawl is the one for you. It’s unorthodox, and not without its difficulties but the venues are incredible and the music is the large European club anthems that you’d associate with a summer bender in the Greek Islands. “Banging tunes” in the words of the English counterparts – the typical mix of Ellie Goulding, Avicii, Calvin Harris and some heavy dubstep/drum & bass remixes. Bear in mind however that these are super clubs so if you have that hip flask shoved down your pants to save money they force bag searches; rather intimate pat-downs; compulsory coat check; and metal detection before being allowed to enter – this is applicable to all venues.

The crawl frequents “Café de Paris” and this venue holds historical relevance in the London club scene. It is set in an old theatre with lush velvet drapes, chandeliers, sweeping staircases and the expensive drinks to match [14 pounds for two mini beers/stubbies], and the dance floor is not at a loss for scantily clad high-heeled ‘women’ and plenty of bumping and grinding. Worth the visit for all young backpackers passing through and is very easy to find in the heart of Leicester Square.

Yet, the night also promised a visit to “The Penthouse’ which is rumored to be the highlight of the evening – however on this particular night the host decided he didn’t feel like taking us there and left the group fending for themselves very early in the evening/morning.

Because of this the night ended in anti-climax. No comradery between guests was encouraged, no prompting of communal drinking or conversation, all participants were very set in their cliques early in the evening, and the host was more interested in having his photograph taken with all the young woman as opposed to encouraging the spirit of the evening.

Overall the crawl has the potential to be amazing for the right crowd as the venues are world class and the music offers heart-stopping bass, but I’ll be rethinking my choices until I have a huge crew of friends to take and an extra few hundred quid in the bank!

[Apologies for the lack of pictures – they made my skin crawl]



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