Nuts Pub Crawl: Review

An ongoing project for An Ocean Away at the moment is to participate in and review pub-crawls in London for The Pub Crawl Pages App. Super fun way to explore a new city and learn what sort of nightlife is on offer.

This app is the only definitive pub-crawl directory and lets you locate a pub crawl in any city you’re visiting and book through the app as well as having handy info on pricing and maps. This makes it the perfect tool for the party wise backpacker looking to find a crew in a new stopover.

Expect to see many more crawl reviews on the site in the coming months 🙂

Let me start by staying Nuts Pub Crawl was a slick operation and a great night out for a Kiwi, an Auzzie and the one and only Danish Viking.

We started the evening at Zoo Bar off Leicester Square – and what kind of wild animal fun doesn’t start at the Zoo? We met up with Jeremie – owner and our host for the evening and he was the nicest French man you’ll ever meet.

Although… he had me questioning, why do all the French wear scarfs? Outside and inside, any French man I’ve ever met has worn a scarf and this is trivial. Feedback on this would be appreciated!?

Anyway… this pub crawl had a great mix of internationals that were all very keen to mingle and interact. Jeremie established the group camaraderie early in the piece by instigating communal group Sambuca shots and shared hate-faces over that stinging ethanol. Our insides were warmed and the faces begun to glow and we set off on our merry way through the back alleys of London to find location two. Met Charlie Chapman on the way and also some

Selfieincriminating posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger. When the Viking and I tried to get a picture of us with Arnie our wee British friend accidentally took 6 selfies on our phone. Poor thing – technology is rather complex these days.

Now I’ve gotta say… the pub crawl was so NUTS that I couldn’t actually list for you all the pubs we went to because I can’t remember. But that’s a good sign right? Obviously this is how the crawl got its name.

I can remember however that we went to Bar Rumba where all the bartenders were dressed as Where’s Wally and their motto is “if you can’t sing it, we wont play it”, but they probably shouldn’t encourage mine and Jamie’s singing – we’re practically tone deaf. Good times!

Things got wild, glasses were smashed, shots were had and we left like swashbuckling pirates, so all in all it was a great night.

If you’re not the clubby preppy type and you just want to drink and party with great people then this is the pub crawl for you. Venues aren’t top-level London clubs with heavy bass and large-pupil’d friends, but they present the more quirky fun offerings along with a good old grimey basement at the end. Everything a backpacker could want out of a pub crawl. Drinks were cheap as promised, and no hidden costs.

Get amongst it!!!

Ps – any night out that gets you this excited about KFC has gotta be worth it right?

KFC Pub Crawl

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2 thoughts on “Nuts Pub Crawl: Review

  1. Thanks for the review, if you are still keen to party we organise an Australia Day Pub Crawl See you soon 😉

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