5 New Years Travel Resolutions for the “Stay-at-Home” Individual

It’s 2014. Welcome. Congratulations on making it here! A new year, a fresh start, and a time for those notorious resolutions that most of the time you don’t keep even though they’re designed for self-progression and to help you become the better person you are striving to be.

Maybe this year will be different? I hope so!

For those of you that have set the bold resolution “to travel”, get amongst it already and TAKE A TRIP. NOW! TOMORROW! IN THE WEEKEND! Don’t take the weak option of waiting till it is completely 100% viable. Stop kidding yourself and do it now. I dare you.

Here’s 5 well rounded resolutions that can help you get on your merry way. Cause in the words of Dr Seuss: “You’re off to Great Places!!!

  • Cut the bullshit!

Just because you can’t get time off work, can’t leave the kids, don’t have much money or don’t want to travel by yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t tackle 2014 with goals of travel and adventure. You don’t even need a passport to set that ball rolling as surely some incredible experiences and destinations are right on your doorstep.

But they’re at home so they’re boring” you may say. WRONG!

People travel hundreds of miles from all around the globe to see what is sitting in your backyard. It’s exciting, it’s incredible, and you can make it an adventure regardless of its close proximity.

Where haven’t you been in your own country? Where haven’t you been in your own region? What do people come to your home to do, which you’re yet to experience? Local galleries, new nightclubs, parks, zoos and shows! Get out there and make them into an experience. Look at them with your fresh eyes of 2014 and recognize that quality travel experiences aren’t always on the other side of the globe.

  1. Do something you haven’t done before!

Perhaps you’re a city dweller, perhaps you’re a farmy type from a remote and isolated part of your country. Travelling is all about getting outside of your comfort zone, pushing the boundaries, and learning/doing new things that you haven’t previously experienced.

So if you’re a city dweller, go and get down and dirty on a farm, dig some holes, ride some farm bikes, sheer a sheep, get in your daggy old hoodie and track pants and don’t be afraid to get dirty. If you’re an old-hand on the farm, get amongst the city and marvel at the spectacle of many people all living in such close quarters on top of one another.

Go out and eat things you’ve never eaten, visit attractions you wouldn’t normally consider and expand your horizons beyond your regular haunts in your comfortable little life. One step at a time!

  • Turn every trip into an adventure.

Driving across country to visit your grandparents? Taking a drive to visit an old friend? Take detours!

Visit a town on the way that you wouldn’t normally drive through. Don’t be so confined to your little metal box that you miss the adventures you could be having along the way. Don’t be so ruled by the clock that you’re worried the trip will take longer. Embrace the journey. Pick up something quirky on the way as a souvenir. I’m sure your friend/grandparents will appreciate it.

What’s more, TAKE PHOTOS. Be an idiot in front of some of those ‘stupid’ landmarks that you always drive pass without paying attention. Strike a pose and be a little silly. Get amongst the selfies. Life’s too short to be so serious. Hey, why not even make it a road trip?

  • Get friendly with travellers.

Fellow travellers are a wealth of knowledge. They’ve been places you may not have, and can tell you all the inside and out of where to go, what to see, what not to see, and how to do it.

 Learn from those who have walked before you.”

Let them inspire you with their stories and instead of being jealous and saying “I wish I could (afford to/be lucky enough/have time to) travel”, get excited, and start small!


What’s more, all these travellers you meet are great connections for when you finally do make it abroad. So be good to them. Offer them a couch, a hot meal, the odd adventure, and karma will be served in due time! They’re fun too! They’re excited to be in your town and they want to see and do things. Get involved!

(MeetUp Groups are a great way to do this in your own city. Pub crawls also.)

  • Take a trip solo.

Travelling solo changes you. It forces you to grow as an individual. You’ll learn things about yourself and do things you may not have originally intended.

You can’t just chat with your mate or your partner, so you’re forced to be more extroverted. You actually have to TALK to strangers and make some new friends. Is it really so scary? You’ll hear some great stories, learn some interesting worldviews, expand your understanding of the world, and occasionally meet some real weirdoes – and it all adds to the stories you can tell of your experience.

Limit your lifeline clutch on your smart phone, take the headphones off for a bit, and stop clinging desperately to the world that is familiar and close through your digital connections. Travelling abroad can be lonely, scary, and utterly thrilling – especially when alone. Why not practice in a culture and environment that is remotely comfortable, where you speak the language – but push your limits by doing it alone. It’s freeing!

So there you have it. Five easy ways to set the ball rolling and get on your way to a life of travel without any of your bullshit excuses affecting this! Good luck, and I’d love to hear feedback on how you get on! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “5 New Years Travel Resolutions for the “Stay-at-Home” Individual

  1. Love it Oce! Inspiring! I’m looking forward to going out of our way to find our little tyke some ‘adventures’

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