Bragging Rights: Sister of a Drifter

Ever since we were young, my bro was into cars. From the time he used to sit on dads knees in the car so he could steer (shameless and atleast 12 years old), to the time he had an oily dismantled engine under his bed at home on top of a few measly newspapers while he revamped one of many hacks that were homed in the driveway (dad wasn’t impressed but he had one too), they were a big part of family life.

There was the Nissan Vanette with the couch in the back that practically blew up, the orange DX that was bumped out with no springs which he used to give people rides home from the beach on by sitting on the bonnet or boot, and the “trusty” VW golf where it proved a regular occurrence to be woken up at 6am by him asking for a push start down the street so he could go surfing or wherever!

There has been a big transition since then and he’s come a long way from these hacks (among many very nice rotaries also) that were far too often pink stickered or left him fined up to the neck; to the perks of becoming Defwsh Drift and something of a local celebrity among the rotor heads! Last time I visited home (and it’s been a while) we were treated to a night out on the town while mum babysat. I knew Ben was good, but I really had no concept of how good until…

“OMG It’s Ben Belcher – the Drifter!!!”

Or from the Burger King drive through:

“BEEEENNNNNNNNN (Giggle giggle), your cars MEAN”

(Makes a change from you’re Andy’s kids eh Ben?!)


There’s been the (totally embarrassing for Ben) autograph signings, and a growing popularity through his amazing ability to self promote. For anyone who is as equally uncool as me and knows nothing about drifting, it’s a motorsport that basically involves going super fast, intentionally over steering your vehicle to the point of losing traction, and making as much smoke as possible while you’re doing it – all while battling some other car on a race track!

While potentially hazardous to your health, I think the only person who it’s really hazardous for is our mother – mentally – who refused to talk to anyone the day he shot the following video cause she was too scared!

Anyway I’ve always been the awkward and unknowledgeable little sister at these drift events (no denying it folks) and Ben has done me quite the favor by making the following video  – “Bragging Rights”. Now I can claim to be in the loop regardless.

I’m Bragging! I’m proud of my brother!



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2 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: Sister of a Drifter

  1. Ha ha, I loved it. You brother is terrific and the video is well done. I didn’t know this was a sport, this is the way I drive whenever I attempt to play a racing game on the XBOX. Now I can just claim I’m Drifting, lol!

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