Meanderings in Malasaña

A faint waft of incense fills my nostrils and the streets are alive with activity. This vibrant and creative countercultural district hosts young people of all sub-groups socializing in the streets with their crazy outfits, wide rimmed glasses, vintage t-shirts and leather satchels. They all relax and drink beers bought off some ethnic minority that is trawling the streets with a trolley full purchased from the local supermercado. The vibe is unpretentious and the diversity of surroundings is surprising.

Malasaña district is known for it’s vintage shops, used bookstores, comic outlets and fancy pastry places. It should also be named the capital of those little “closet-type-bars” that are built upon the passion of a group of friends and erected in an extremely small place for just that group of friends to hang around in (like Friends?). You know, the unconventional kind with the mismatched furniture and strange installations.

The reason for my little venture however, was after hearing a rumour of the street art that lives on the walls here. Local merchants who were sick of street ‘artists’ scrawling their little tags around like a dog spraying his fowl scent in the streets, decided to give an opportunity to those who were actually creative geniuses and collaborate with them for store-front pieces. Merchants and artists partnered upon common interests and together conspired for original works that were both visually appealing, and non-offensive.

Only venturing in a two-block loop from the Tribunal Metro, here are my discoveries. If you’re the alternative type that’s into this kind of thing then it’s worth a stroll.

More Street Art and Graffiti can be found here:

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9 thoughts on “Meanderings in Malasaña

  1. Love the shots…They are so well composed and full of charm…

  2. travelscapism on said:

    This is great that through partnership something great can be made. I like urban art and find this inspiring.

    • Thanks Joseph. Yeah I was really impressed at the community partnership, and especially because from the article I read about this, no local government approval was needed (as with when Barcelona tried to do the same thing). The community taking matters into their own hands is great!!!

  3. Fabulous artwork and I love reading your blogs, look forward to the next ones!

  4. Would really love to know what is happening in the bull fighting scene in Spain. Is the profile dropping? (I hope so)

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