Madrid Cheap-Eat Series: 100 Montaditos

Wednesdays and Sundays are always a day to look forward to. My insides begin eating themselves when ‘home-time o-clock’ rolls near, and the thought of hot freshly baked bread and a jarra de ‘tinto de verano’ make the clock tick ever so slowly in anticipation.

These days are when students (and any other tight, stingy, or budget conscious person) can go to ‘100 Montaditos’ for a meal and almost everything on the menu is a mere Euro. They serve these mini-bocadillos (tiny baguette sandwich things) stuffed with the most delicious choice of ingredients ever, and you guessed it – there are 100 to choose from. Calamari and Aioli? Mozzarella and Pesto? Brie and Jamón? The list goes on. It offers one of the cheapest and most satisfying eats in Spain and it’s hard to imagine going next door to Burger King for a €7 Whopper meal when you can have all of THIS for €10!

Turns out it’s also the largest Spanish-owned franchise in the world now and it operates under a philosophy inspired by Spanish gastronomy, culture and tradition, paired with the Mediterranean diet. My ‘local’ near Alonso Martinez Metro in Madrid also has a super social outdoor seating area that lets you soak up the long Spanish summer sun and spectate the carnival of all kinds of dogs and owners that march on by. Now that’s Value!

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