World Press Photo Exhibition

The award winning pictures feature dead children in Gaza City, Italian roadside prostitutes, and extremist violence; the morbidity broken up by extreme emotional imagery of Olympic athletes from the 2012 games.

You walk out numb. Your eyes lowered in shame at questioning how lucky you are in a world where you could’ve easily been born into those alternative lives. Think about the odds: chances are you’re less likely to be born in this Western environment where we’re not plagued by the thought of war, our house getting missile’d, or having to sell our bodies on the streets so that our children’s children can have an education and a positive future.

The concept behind the exhibition is “to inspire an understanding of the world through quality photojournalism” and it achieves this 100%. It’s breaking down the barriers we have between what we know, and what is real life; and to anyone who hasn’t been and is a globally aware citizen, GO! And if you’re not…. Even more reason to go!

World Press presents 100 local exhibitions every year that attracts 3.5 million visitors understandably making it one of the most popular travelling photo events in the world. The one in Madrid is currently hosted at Circulo de Bellas Artes until mid October, but is travelling to many main centres around Europe before the year is out.

(The below photos are courtesy of World Press Exhibitions and are not representative of my own work)

For more information:

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2 thoughts on “World Press Photo Exhibition

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the World Press Photo Exhibition, I’ve been lucky enough to see it the last couple of years, but have somehow missed it this year. It’s amazing, inspiring and heartbreaking all in one.

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