The ‘Real Madrid’

Opera resonates through my body and deafens me against the hooting and hollering of the Real Madrid Hooligans. The sound echoes off the high tiers of the stadium designed to resemble a bull-fighting arena, and instills a feeling of triumph and success into the body and spirit of the 85,000 spectators. The players below glisten in their shining white new strips and are decorated by the fluorescent yellow of the excessive security personal as they practice.
On this day, Real Madrid met Atletico Bilbao for a clash of the titans at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Both teams undefeated this season, coming forth crowned in egos and glory! Tensions were high, but home team support was higher and in a sea of white we sat and waited.
Even if you´re not into football, going to a match at this level is something that must be done atleast once. People flood from all directions; costumed, drunk, cheering and excited.  It’s impossible not to be drawn into the atmosphere. The patriotism and the obscenities from all members of the crowd behind you… “Tu Puta Madre”… not sure I want to translate that.
The joy of a goal leaves grown men hugging and drinks going flying, while the players jump and straddle each other and there´s high fives all round!
The 'Real Madrid'627bb-_dsc0065



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