En Route to the Expat Life

My eyes feel like sandpaper, I’m highly caffeinated, and exhausted. I sit here in Sydney airport contemplating what the heck I’m doing here, and mentally prepare myself for the next 32 hours with a stiff drink. In the past year I’ve been to 10 countries, been on 36 different flights, 2 boat trips, and countless bus and train adventures. Upon return I’d finally tricked myself into thinking I would live a settled life for the next year and pay back all the debt from these adventures. Yet it turns out the universe had different plans for me. I applied for an internship that I never dreamed I would be able to  get… and nailed it! So, with only 3 weeks notice I’ve finished my university exams (for good, thank god), moved out of my house, repacked my life into two bags, and I’m off to Madrid to begin an internship with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (unwto.org).
I’m a Hobbit on ‘An Unexpected Journey.’ I feel like Bilbo Baggins who was living a content life when an accidental wish for adventure comes true and he sets off with a wizard. He was somewhat reluctant to begin with, but he rises to the occasion and returns from his quest quite a different wee hobbit than he was before. Fingers crossed it’s the same for me.
So here’s to the start of a new blog series – expat life in Madrid. It’s been four months since my last blog (sounds like AA) and the last one I just happened to not write was from Madrid in February. The following pictures are from that adventure, and a signpost of the new adventure to come.

Adios, y hasta pronto. x

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