An Accidentally ‘Hipster’ Evening

We entered Market Row from Electric Avenue in search of a bar only known as ‘Seven‘. While in the daytimes this area is well-known for it’s market arcade which sells a wide variety of ethnic foods and produce, on this particular evening in Brixton the arcade felt somewhat dire. The grey night and drizzle produced some questionable characters that embodied the diverse community. Small bars were hidden around this area that are entered through mysterious holes in the walls and secret staircases. This is where Seven was. We walked through one secret corridor and staircase, only to emerge into a trendy and somewhat dingy area lit by candles and reeking of egos and high fashion. Yet this low-lit industrial space with recycled and undressed tables was welcoming. The rooms within Seven are used as a free exhibition space for local starving artists, and you sit amongst the installations, which on this particular night consisted of stencils of women’s outfits in a combination of grayscale and bold colors. They serve delicious tapas, and cheap cocktails.
The magical mix of trendy art installations and cheap liquor made it the ideal location for left-wing young professionals with arts degrees, and those with badly paid jobs in advertising. They wear their hats indoors and make bold statements about life. It’s worth the trip. If not for the vibe, then for the delicious selection of quality tapas.


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2 thoughts on “An Accidentally ‘Hipster’ Evening

  1. Wow! Now that's the kind of place I'd like to experience!

  2. Yeah, 'experience' is definitely the word for it haha. There was even a group of girls relaying musicals across the table!

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