Not So Sleepless in Seattle

Went on a girls weekend to Seattle this weekend. 480 miles, 8.5 hours of America, 3 states (Montana, Idaho, and Washington), and landscapes that looked like this:
Then This:
Then This:
We arrived in Seattle in the evening. After 72 days in Missoula in the hot dry desert climate, we arrived in the outskirts to a dark, misty, mysterious forest that lead into the city. The girls kept saying “it looks like a scene out of ‘Twilight'”, but I’m still refusing to watch those stupid movies!!!
We arrived at “The Red Lion” hotel after much frustration and a few death stares evolving over bad navigators, to a room with only 2 tiny double beds…. for 5 girls! We’d booked for five, yet the room certainly wasn’t forth-coming. I took a note from dads book (thanks dad for being the best travel mentor EVER) and proceeded to get my way at the front desk and score an extra roller bed at no charge (+ some free apples). Was a nice end to a nice drive…
Saturday morning arrive and it was time for the much anticipated shopping extravaganza!!! Morning started with the typical Seattle breakfast  – STARBUCKS. Seattle was the home of Starbucks way back in 19something… As you can see by the cup on the right… I’m becoming accustomed to the American way of life
The next 8 hours were spent trawling shops. I was definitely mislead… In Montana there is no sales tax so everything is dirt cheap. I got a big surprise with my first purchase when it was instantly $10 more expensive…. Not to fret though. Everything was still dirt cheap. I was dreading the fact that I can only take one bag to Europe. Where will I put all my nice new winter clothes?!
The inner city was clean and there wasn’t vast amount of weirdos like New York or Los Angeles. It’s street art was classy and I didn’t see any graffiti which was surprising…
We met a girl during the day in a smoothie shop who got excited when she realized we were international students. She gave us a list of insiders things to do in Seattle that the average tourist has no clue about. Definitely a bonus and earned Seattle the title of “friendliest city in the US I’ve seen so far”…
The first on the list was to visit ‘Oddfellows Cafe’. We went here for dinner and it was awesome. It was located on the Cuba St, or K Road of Seattle and was home of the hippies and hipsters. It was decorated with mismatched wooden tables, church-pew seats and American History vintage wall hangings. I enjoyed a Gnocci and a flask of wine. The food was fantastic, however the evening was dampened by the absurd 18% gratuity and additional tax that was added to the bill and is never included in the original menu price. It really does catch you out!
Another tip mentioned was to go up the Columbia Tower instead of the Space Needle. The Columbia tower is the tallest tower in Washington State and over twice the height of the Space Needle… and a third of the price at only $6 for Students!!!! The view was stunning even though it was rainy. We got to look down on the Space Needle and scoff at it for being emasculated (although not in this picture)!!
After this we went for a few drinks at the classic American ‘Hard Rock Cafe’. For anyone who doesn’t know this is typically American and includes rock memorabilia EVERYWHERE.
On sunday morning we woke up, did more shopping, and went to the Pike Place Markets. These are a historic part of Seattle and have been on the waterfront since 1907. The stalls were amazing and included singing fish mongers, florists, typical T-shirt stalls, and an AMAZING vintage poster shop. We spent almost an hour in this shop alone! Additionally, I noticed that the ‘bums’ in Seattle are a little more ‘civilized’ than in other big cities. They have little jobs to earn their nickels like cleaning boots and telling rude jokes. One guy even had an awesome cat! Now thats more like it…
Overall it was a great weekend. The wind and rain and steep streets reminded me of Wellington and I found it very homely. Seattle receives a 9/10!
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One thought on “Not So Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Never been to Seattle but love your photos.

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