This weekend I’ve finally decided to have a quiet weekend at home in Missoula and catch up on the relaxation side of life. This includes catching up on the blogging I’ve been a little slack with…
Two weeks ago was HOMECOMING WEEKEND.

This is a weekend which celebrates past Alumni from the school returning, and is based around a major event, which for Missoula was the football. There was a parade, a game, and other interesting festivities. The parade was a real eye opener for me. Being an election year, everything was rather political. Here’s a few snaps from the day.

After the parade I went and enjoyed the football with my friends. This was the homecoming match which is supposed to be a given win since it celebrates the towns pride… However we lost for the first time in 17 years…

(Me, Cecilie [Denmark], Mascot, Caroline [France], Jessica [Wellington, NZ])
That week ended with a stunning sunset. The smoke has finally lifted and now the days are crystal clear and COLD! It went from wearing shorts and a T-shirt on Monday, to -3 on Tuesday. Nothing gradual about this change.
Then this present weekend I’ve just been to my friend Hanna’s dance show. It’s called “Dancers on Location” and was held on the University campus. This is Hanna —>
This was her performance!
Always a lot going on for such a small community. I’m impressed…
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