Making Friends with the Locals

I’ve been adopted by a local family, and what a blessing it has been so far. Making friends with locals seems like a logical and wise thing to do in a new community. It provides a new way of really learning about the culture and getting a ‘taste’ for the people. In a way it provides a deeper education that what I’m getting at school here…

My first dinner with the family happened last Thursday. I took a friend Cecilie to make things more interesting. My new ‘mother’ picked us up in town and took us to the local ‘PEAS farm’. It’s like a big community garden, where for a yearly fee you can get fresh organic vegetables for your household. Additionally they produce fruits and vegetables for the local food-bank which gets distributed to low-income families. I was glad I got to experience this, and was even allowed to pick the veggies.

Also spent some time pig-spectating. They don’t really do much….

After our pre-dinner adventure we got spoilt to a trip to the local vineyard. This is also special in that it produces organic grapes, through solar powered irrigation, and the local community can help with the harvest. Everyone here is very mindful of ‘community spirit’ and environmental wellbeing. 

This is my flight of wine. For $6.75 you get three generous tastings of your choice. I had an apple sauvignon, a pear sauvignon, and a cherry red of some description (I’m not going to pretend I know much about wine but I pretended pretty good)

Meet Cindy and Scott, my new friends!

This week I also had the double-benefit of being invited to go boating with them at Flathead lake an hour north of Missoula. Flathead lake is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi river. We passed through an Indian reservation to get there which was an experience in itself. FAR too many liquor stores and small scary-looking casinos. I see why there is a problem… The reservations here are an interesting prospect as they govern themselves and do not fall under state rule (except for things like murder). They manage their own disputes and have rights to all their own land and resources. Doesn’t mean there is not still conflict though.

Arrived at flathead lake and took a ride on the boat to Wildhorse island (horses must’ve been invisible). We did however see some wild Rams which was pretty exciting. I know we have them at home but these ones were BIG!

                                                                                      We hiked up the island and got a feel for the area. You may notice that it looks overcast!?! That’s still smoke from the wildfires. It’s never ending. There hasn’t been rain in 33 days so far. That didn’t stop me and Cecilie from having a blast!! A picnic lunch was a winner at lunch time, then it was home time. What a fun outing!!!

[Does it look like I was in the middle of wilderness? Because I was. Barren and bare and not a soul in sight…. Except for us!! Stunning. And so quiet.]

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One thought on “Making Friends with the Locals

  1. Hehe pig spectating. Classic. Look at you making friends with the locals! Fun times!

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