Had my first S’mores experience this week.

 This tasty treat is an American campfire tradition consisting of a roasted toasted marshmallow sandwiched between layers of chocolate and “graham crackers” (don’t ask me why they’re called that…)

Here’s the basics.

Ingredients: Large bag of marshmallows, Block of chocolate, Graham crackers.

Instructions: Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it begins to melt. A flaming marshmallow is still acceptable. Be sure to blow it out eventually, and don’t wave it around while trying to extinguish the flames… Once the marshmallow is of acceptable gooey standard, sandwich between layers of chocolate and the crackers so that the chocolate melts and makes a mess all over your hands, along with the explosion of marshmallow.

Proceed to eat it in a tidy and respectable fashion (impossible).

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2 thoughts on “S’mores

  1. mmmm roasty toasty. Are Graham crackers like biscuits? Sweet?

  2. They're kinda like wine biscuits but uglier haha

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