Rafting the Alberton Gorge

Just a wee update. Monday was labour day which meant a rafting trip for the foreign crew!
We bused 40 minutes out of Missoula to the Alberton Gorge. This gorge features spectacular high rocky canyon walls which made me think I was rafting into the Grand Canyon, and this was paired with sections of awesome pine forest.

Our guide John was a typical adventure guide in every way, and I constantly had to second-guess everything he said cause I knew half of it was BullS#@! One example would be of a scientific bunker that was built into the canyon walls, which he first try to tell us was for holding german prisoners during the war, and then was a hut for viewing Sasquatches.
He christened our boat “Team Meat Pie” after an elaborate on-water discussion about the physics of a meat pie (which don’t exist in America by the way)… Me and Jessica (the other Kiwi) found this very amusing!

The wildlife was a great addition to the day also. We saw numerous bald eagles, and even a snapping river turtle! The rapids weren’t too impressive though. The river was meant to be class III, however it hasn’t rained in a very long time and it was only flowing at 22’000 square feet per second (which isn’t very much – just sounds alot without the metric system). John described this as 22’000 infants per second since they’re roughly the same size. However this gave me the opportunity to float some of the rapids in my life-jacket which was a great time!! Freezing though…. Here’s some pictures of the day. xx

(Worn Out….)

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