Missoula, Montana

To begin, my last day in Hollywood meant a trip to Santa Monica.

I couldn’t go to Los Angeles without seeing the beach. Santa Monica pier was far more exciting than I had imagined and definitely worth the hour bus trip in scorching heat from Hollywood. It was a Mecca for children. Rides, candy, magician shows, Ferris wheels and a “roller coaster” (although I believe if it’s a real roller-coaster it should have a loop)! I met this unemployed fellow who survived through letting people hold his pet snake. So for a dollar I snapped this beauty!!!

The flight into Montana was a sure shock! Leaving one of the most exciting, vibrant and overwhelming cities in the world, I flew into Missoula – population 67,000. I’m not sure if that is including the 15,000 student population. It was barren flying in. Rolling pastures, empty hills, and no high-rises. The highest building in town is the student accommodation on campus. I was shocked. Stepping off the plane it was 34 degrees, stifling, and there was NOBODY AROUND! It had crossed my mind that I may have made a horrible mistake.
However if anything embodies the American Dream it’s Missoula. Its like the slow pan in at the start of a movie. Fruit drops off the trees into the street, kids are playing happily, dogs are beautifully groomed and loved, and it’s all happy families. Lemonade stands are a regular sight, and these little critters had pulled in a whopping $50 when I crossed their paths.

 In addition to this, I ran into a local icon (says me) while at the lemonade stand, who states he was a founder of the town and signed the local constitution. So either the town is very young, or there’s a few more crazies than the town likes to acknowledge!
Also, everywhere within the border of the “city” is GREEN! Obviously these people don’t may for their water usage because I always see them out watering their lawns. I think it’s a source of local pride to have the greenest nicest property! (My apartment is no different pictured below.)


Other sources of pride include America – with flags hanging outside many houses, and football! Everyone wears the local teams colours and merchandise. They even have a local pride day every Friday where you wear the colours and get behind the team. All very patriotic. I bought into it all and purchased a t-shirt for the regular occasion.
The weather has been perfectly blue and extra hot the last week. Hasn’t dipped under 30 yet. This means swimming in the river is a must. It runs right through the centre of town and is a main attraction! I took my first trip to the river and it was amazing. Sorry the pictures are off my phone, so not too great.


Also made some friends which is good!

This is it for the week. Orientation at university is nearly over, and the hard work (and football) start on Monday. Until then…. xx

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One thought on “Missoula, Montana

  1. eeee snake! Bet you loved Santa Monica! Your new home looks so cozy! Living the American dream!

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