Hollywood. HollyWEIRD!! Where to start?! 

Nothing could have ever prepared me for this place. It’s something you can only understand through experience. It’s a place that pushes the boundaries in every description. Sexuality is flaunted and entertainment is the name of the game. Movies premiers have happening twice this week here, there are people EVERYWHERE dressed up as movie characters to make tips (spiderman is still the favourite, however I like the transformers more) and people heckle you from all angles to buy tours to see stars homes (who cares???). Everyone is trying to be better than everybody else, everyone wants to be somebody, and nobody is content. Yet, everyone is still sooooo friendly (besides the crack-heads and crazies). One observation is that American’s are freely and openly vocal in complimenting each other. Always on weird things too. Today a man in the street stopped me to tell me I have perfect eyebrows. Weird situation. Some are genuine, some are leering, but it all adds to the experience.
Everything is a little overwhelming. Especially because it’s brutally hot here right now. Above 30 every day so far, and looks like it’s set to get worse with tomorrow climbing to nearly 40… In a bid to combat this, Brescia and I have been sneaking into various hotels to utilize their pools…

In the evening we have been frequenting the most exclusive clubs in Hollywood with all the high profile locals thanks to Brescia’s unreal ability to network and build on the contacts she has. Tuesday night we went to Bootsy Bellows which gets booked out 6 weeks in advance. People like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton hang out there. It is filled with burlesque dancers, people in masquerade, puppeteers, and other weird and wonderful things.

Last night we went to Supperclub and Beacher’s Madhouse. Supper club was stunning and had dancers and performers hanging from the roof.

Beacher’s is a members only venue where you get in through a secret bookcase like in the movies.

In addition to the partying, we made friends with a local restaurant manager who is kindly giving us free dessert tonight.
During the day we’ve been hunting through the thrift stores here. They are UNREAL and full of designer clothes for dirt cheap. I managed to land a ‘Jason Wu’ shirt, which would usually retails for over $500. Very happy find!!! Bargain hunting is my new hobby and it extends to food as well as clothes.

I’ve also been visiting more stars… 

That’s my news until next time. Tomorrow’s it time to hit Venice beach and ride some bikes!!!!!

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One thought on “HollyWEIRD

  1. Loving the hair! Stoked on networking skills too, they are the shizz. Plus your eyebrows are pretty dang hot

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